Welcome to spend your vacation on Ruka Hill, Kuusamo!

Rukatonttu - Ruka Elf

Come and spend an active vacation in wintertime on Ruka Hill, Kuusamo. Our resort is located in an ideal place by Lake Talvijärvi. The center of Ruka is only 500 m (0.3 miles) away. The size of the apartment is 43 m2 (460 sq. ft) and you can see the lake from the balcony. The place is located in a combination of four beautiful loft houses in the vicinity of a high-quality restaurant with suites, charter saunas and hot water pools.
The apartment has a sauna of its own and you can take a dip in Lake Talvijärvi in summertime or in wintertime. The apartment also has a fireplace and all the necessary equipment for a nice winter vacation or an autumn hike. This is an ideal place for nature lovers, as the ”Karhunkierros” hike ends in the vicinity of our houses.

This resort can only be booked at Ski Inn booking center (link). There, you can find all further specifications of the apartment.

Weather in Rukatonttu

Address of Rukatonttu:

Hiihtostadionintie 1,


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