A red cabin and a potato patch. Old-time atmosphere in a modern setting

Villa Salokumpu is a charmingly renovated house from the post-war reconstruction era in Kuhmoinen where you can spend a country-style vacation in wintertime or summertime. We also specialize in winter vacations and snowmobile rides. Snowmobile routes start in the yard. Our cabin is not located exactly by the lake, but there are over 400 lakes around! So, our place suits any outdoor person who is into fishing, hunting, mushroom hunting, berry-picking etc.

Salokumpu can accommodate 6-8 overnight visitors.

Weather in Salokumpu


  • Hall, kitchen, fireplace room, bedroom


  • Lobby, bedroom with four beds


  • Courtyard sauna, woodshed
  • Cow shed with fireplace and lounge
  • Outdoor toilet
  • Barbecue canopy
  • Smoke sauna, hot water pool


  • Water carried from the lake( in summertime, a pump to the sauna)
  • Outdoor toilet
  • The house is exquisitely renovated, suitable for various uses
  • Area approx. 80 m2 (860 sq. ft), cow shed 100 m2 (1075 sq. ft)
  • Equipment: Refrigerator/freezer, microwave oven, coffeemaker, gas stove, utensils for dining and service etc.
  • TV, CD player, radio, karaoke etc.
  • In summertime, there is plenty of berries, mushrooms and mosquitoes!

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